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How to hire a Shopify developer


We are sharing an example project here. For example a client wants to start an online store, utilizing the Shopify platform. Two features that client is looking for here 1. multi-currency 2. multiple languages.

Buying in a foreign currency can be a major turn-off for international buyers; often, credit card networks and payment gateways charge a conversion fee to the buyer.

The option that is most common for merchant is to use an app that will allow them to translate their storefront into multiple languages. Similarly a suitable app will allow selecting which currencies your store will accept. In general, we recommend using Shopify’s reports feature to look for the countries that visit your store the most and include them in the list.

Web technology trends to watch out for 2019

An interesting place on the web, where nothing stands for long. The information always changes and the information we use to deal with it will always improve. 2019 Web technologies can bring very interesting developments and I, for one, want to see what it keeps for us! In the software and technology industry, everything is so fast that you can often go back. Changes in trends, new methods are used, and you always have to update and update.

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