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Mainland Direct Offices. 

Atention our brands(SAN CHUAN HUNG & MIKAWA),beware of fake.   
Guangdong Office:Shawan Town Panyu Area Guangzhou City.
Xiamen Office:Dongfu Town Haicang Area Xiamen City.
Shanghai Office:Baihe Town Qingpu Area Shanghai City.
Chongqing Office:Biquan Street Bishan Area Chongqing City.
Ningbo Office:Simen Town Yinzhou Area Yuyao City.
Taizhou Office:Taizhou City Zhejiang Province.
Suzhou Office:Xiangcheng Area Suzhou City Jiangsu Province.
Wenzhou Office:Lucheng Area Wenzhou City Zhejiang Province.

Atention:If the contracts,delivery notes,invoices are not issuing by Jiashan Chuantian Environmental Technology Co.Ltd Or Anhui Chuantian Environmental Technology Co.Ltd. Please make a phone call to consult us, Hotline:+86-400-887-9383 .

Chinese Agents
Hebei Agent - Bazhou City Hebei Province. Mr Xing.
Taizhou Agent - Taizhou City Zhejiang Province. Mr Chen.
Hongkong agent - Hongkong China. Mr Wu.

Jinhua Sanchuanhong Co.Ltd.: Jinhua City Zhejiang Province.
Wuxi Sanchuanhong Co.Ltd.: Wuxi City Jiangsu Province.
Shenzhen Sanchuanhong Co.Ltd.: Shenzhen City Guangdong Province.
Shanxi Sanchuanhong Co.Ltd.: Shanxi Province.